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Chinese kale is also known as kailaan or Chinese broccoli. A popular, vigorous hybrid, Green Lance has white flowers, green leaves and stalks. These are all delicious. Looks like a small, slender version of broccoli. Its ability to thrive in many different micro climates makes it a good choice for home gardeners. Matures about 10 days earlier than open pollinated varieties and is heat and cold tolerant.

Packet includes approximately 100+ seeds.

1 review for Chinese Kale

  1. Chayada Nutter (verified owner)


    I planted Chinese Kale and Hong Tae Pak Choy in container and they are growing good👌 I started to seeding both of them about second week of June and this picture was taken on Aug 2. They were germinate about same time but Chinese Kale weren’t growing good as Hong Tae Pak Choy.

    BTW I’m in 8A Zone.

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