Hong Tae Pak Choy



Brassica pekinensis Yellow flower, thick stemmed, big green leaves, leaf stems light green. Wide leaf thins at end. Some tendency for leaves to wrap head

Soil and Climate: Prefers sandy loam soil with good drainage. Likes full sun. Best grown in the cool season starting November.

Planting Suggestions: Start seeds in planting tray before transplanting to the field. When the seedlings are about 20- 25 days transplant them to the prepared field. Prepare planting holes in advance by mixing one planting trowel of compost or aged manure with the soil per hole. Plant one seedling per hole. After transplanting 5-7 days and again at 20 -25 days fertilize with compost or aged manure. (After, observe plant development if enough fertility if not may fertilize again)

Ideal planting distance: 15 cm x 15 cm between plants and rows.

Fertilization: 1st time while preparing the bed by mixing with the soil in the planting holes. 2nd time at 7-14 days after transplanting. Use compost or aged manure. (observe the crop to see if enough fertility if not may fertilize again)

Weeding and loosening the soil: When needed, weed and also loosen the soil around the plants.

Watering: Should water evenly in the right amount, not leaving them dry or over watering (observe the planting soil).

Pests and Diseases: Some minor pest and disease problems. Including cabbage fleas and leaf rollers. These may be removed manually or one may spray an herbal solution. This can be sprayed every 5-7 days on the plants.

Harvesting: The Hong Tae will be ready for harvest from about 30 days after transplanting.

Seed Saving: After about 90 days, the seed pods will become dark yellow to brown. The flower pod stalks can then be gradually cut and harvested. They should be tied together in bunches (can use a bamboo strip “tok”). Then dry them on a sack to prevent seed loss. Dry in the sun for 2-3 days. Once the pods are dry, shake each bunch in a gunny sack and rub the pods to get the seeds out. Clean the seeds fanning away dust and debris. Then use a screen tray to further clean the seeds. They may then gradually be packed in paper bags. Bags should be marked with the name of the variety, day, month, and year of harvest. Fold this paper bag and put into a plastic bag. Keep in the refrigerator for better long-term germination and minimal seed respiration. If so stored, can keep for over 2 years.


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