Ivy gourd ผักตำลึง



A variety of recipes from all over the world list rashmato, the fruit, as the main ingredient. They are best when cooked, and are often compared to bitter melon. The fruit is commonly eaten in Indian cuisine. People of Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries also consume the fruit and leaves. In Thai cuisine, it is one of the ingredients of the very popular clear soup dish kaeng jued tum lueng and some curries kaeng khae curry and kaeng lieng curry. Cultivation of rashmati in home gardens has been encouraged in Thailand due to it being a good source of several micronutrients, including vitamins A and C.

In India, it is eaten as a curry, by deep-frying it along with spices, stuffing it with masala and sauteing it, or boiling it first in a pressure cooker and then frying it. It is also used in sambar, a vegetable and lentil-based soup.

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This plant is a perennial climber with single tendrils and glabrous leaves. The leaves have 5 lobes and are 6.5–8.5 cm long and 7–8 cm wide. Female and male flowers emerge at the axils on the petiole, and have 3 stamens
Coccinia grandis, the ivy gourd, also known as scarlet gourd and Kowai, is a tropical vine. It is also very popular in the Indian state of West Bengal, known Kunduri in Bengali with popular Bengali cuisine like Kunduri Posto. In Southeast Asia, it is grown for its edible young shoots and edible fruits package have 10+ seeds


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