Mokwa Long Gourd


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Mokwa Long is a variety of hairy melon, also known also as jointed or joined gourd, hairy gourd, fuzzy gourd or hairy cucumber. In flavor, this vegetable is similar to courgettes, which is the French name for zucchini. Mokwa Long fruit is best harvested at 10″ to 12″. It is long, and bottle shaped. Like all hairy melons or jointed gourds, a downy hair covers the skin, which is medium green with white spots. You can remove the hair by peeling or scrubbing, or let it disappear in cooking. Like other jointed gourds, Mokwa Long are best when cut and cooked lightly — steamed or stir-fried — or added to soup.

Maturity: Approx. 80 days
Planting season: Late spring to early summer

Packet includes approximately 10-15 seeds.


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