Money Maker Tomato


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Moneymaker is an ever-popular tomato suitable for greenhouse growing or in the garden, producing heavy crops of medium-sized fruit.
75-80 days from setting out transplants. Indeterminate. You will love the look as well as the flavor of this heavy-yielding tomato, which thrives in hothouses in Britain but loves our warmer summers here in the U.S.! Just made for hot climates but happy in any setting, MoneyMaker is a delectable fruit you’ll never tire of!
These round, deep red fruits weigh about 7 to 8 ounces and arise by the many dozen on extra-vigorous plants. Expect the vines to reach 5 feet or so, just studded with luscious fruit. MoneyMaker’s flavor is a full, meaty, sweet bite — absolutely delicious fresh or cooked!

Like all tomatoes, MoneyMaker thrives in full sunshine and rich, well-drained soil. Space plants at least 2 feet apart.

Packet includes approximately 25-35 seeds.


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