An excellent source of protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and amino acids.

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These grow without hulls- they aren’t damaged or killed by dehulling. Use for short sprouts, oatgrass, milling, rolled oats, or cook as a high protein rice substitute.
Days to Sprout Sprout- 2-3, Grass- 10
Soak Time 4-8 hours
Yield 1 lb. is approx. 2.5 cups of seed, 1.5 cups of seed(approx.) for one 11 x 21 tray of grass, 0.5 cups seed (approx.) for large, SproutMaster (10 x 8) of grass, Sproutmaster yields approx. 2-6 oz. of juice (depends on height of grass, juicer used, density of grass)

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