Purple vita Pak choi


Quick growers; harvest them within three weeks as 4–6″ baby-leaf greens, their best spring use. For fall crops you may allow them to grow 8–10″ full-sized heads. Along the way they lose some of their deep color and mature to a greenish purple. 30-40 seeds package

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Purple Hybrid grows quickly and easily in cool weather, quickly setting large, tender leaves of rich purple. At about 30 days, it is ready to be harvested as a gourmet baby veggie: steam the entire head for delectable, succulent eating! Or, if you prefer a bit more growth on this pak choi, let it grow another 2 weeks or so, harvesting around 45 days. Now you have a very young plant with more height and weight, the texture and flavor a bit more developed but the tenderness still great! Finally, for stir fries and stews, let it mature to full size at about 70 days. The mature plant is anywhere from 15 to 18 inches high and 9 to 12 inches wide, with weighty, flavorful stalks.


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