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Seeding time: For best results the time to plant Morton lentil is estimated to be from September 20th to October 10th. This seeding time will allow the plants to establish in the fall and produce sufficient growth to aid in winter survival.

Seeding rate: Seeding rates for best results are in the range of 30-35 pounds per acre.

Seeding depth: Seeds should be planted to a depth of about 2-2.5 inches. Seedlings may have difficulty emerging from deeper seeding depths especially following heavy rains.

Winter injury: The plants may have symptoms of winter injury and loss of stand depending on the severity of the winter.

Crop development: In general the winter lentil plants will form a small rosette and will provide very little ground cover in the fall and winter. The plants will resume growth in the spring and elongate to produce a dense canopy in most situations. Flowering will begin in late May depending on the location and weather conditions.

Crop maturity: The winter lentil crop will generally mature in mid to late July and can be swathed like spring sown lentils or combined direct.


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