Green Zebra Heirloom


The Green Zebra tomato does not often obtain a disease; however, if the tomato has a disease the Green Zebra will not turn yellow, the plant will stay green until it wilts. The Green Zebra has a higher defense rate against diseases compared to other tomatoes.[citation needed] To grow this tomato one must plant seed 1–2 weeks after the temperature remains constant around 60–95 degrees Fahrenheit. The soil should be well drained and the seed must remain 1/8 inch deep within the ground under full sunlight. Plant the seed 12 to 36 inches apart and let harvest for 65–80 days. This plant is semi-annual and it is best to harvest in midsummer. One should transplant when plant is 6 inches high.Package appprox 5 seeds .

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Because the original color of this tomato is green it can be difficult to tell when it is ripe. There are three main ways to decipher when Green Zebra tomatoes are ready to eat. First, one can grasp the tomato gently to feel for firmness. Secondly, one can tell by looking at when the Zebra’s light green stripes turn to yellow. Thirdly, one can look at when the bottom of the yellow stripes begin to turn a blush color. Each of these stages represents a different ripening stage, so one must decide which stage of ripeness one prefers. Additionally, for a sweeter tomato leave it on the vine for a longer period of time. However, leaving it on the vine for too long can cause it to become mealy.


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