Romanesco Zucchini


Category: Vegetable
Available Colors: Green
Bloom Time: Summer
Height Range: 12-24″ (30-61cm)
Space Range: 3-4′ (0.9-1.2m)
Lowest Temperature: 40° to 50°F (4° to 10°C)
Plant Light: Full Sun
Companion Plants: Peanuts, Radish, Cucumber, Corn, Nasturtium, Marigold
USDA Zone: 11-12
Days To Maturity: 60-65
Fruit Size: 7-15″ (18-38cm)
Package Approx. 10+ seeds

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One of the tastiest and most versatile of all the summer squash varieties and prized by gourmet cooks the world over. This Italian heirloom has tender flesh and mild, nutty flavor. The plants are also a great source of male squash blossoms for cooking. Fruits can be picked when just 7” (18cm) but will remain tender even if allowed to grow larger. Consistent harvesting will encourage more productive plants.

Tastes great served raw with dips or fresh in salads. Delicious when steamed or stir-fried. Wonderful when wrapped in foil and roasted on the grill. Blossoms are excellent for cooking with either stuffing or just breaded and sautéed. Wash fruits, vegetables and herbs thoroughly before eating.


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