Turks Turban


Gourd, Large Fruited

Turks Turban

Culture : Direct seeding : Sow in mid to late spring, after frost danger when the soil is at least 70 F(21 C) Important! Seeds will not germinate in cold and or wet soils.

Sow 3 seeds per ft., 1″ deep, in rows 5-6′ apart. Soil should be well-fertilized for strong vine growth and good yields. Thin plants to about 12″ apart for pepo species gourds, 18-24″ apart for Lagenaria gourds. Transplanting: Sow indoors at 80-85 F (27-29 C) in 2″ peat pots or cell-type containers 3-4 weeks before transplanting outdoors. After germination, grow plants at 65-70F (18-21 C). Transplant outdoors 18-24″ apart. Water well and be careful not to disturb root when transplanting.

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Before heavy frost, cut stems about 1″ from the fruit when stem is drying and skin is hardening. Handle fruits very carefully.

Curing: To dry and toughen skins

expose fruits to the sun for 5-7 days covering at night when frost is expected. To cure indoor, expose gourds to 80-90F (27-32 C) with ventilation for 3-5 days.


Store at 50-55F (10-13 C) with 50-75% humidity and good air circulation . Allow lagenaria gourds to dry thoroughly before sanding, carving, etc.


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