Musque De Provence


Harvest : Begin harvesting at full color maturity, after at most 1 or 2 light frosts but before heavy frost. Cut stems close to the vine. Be Careful not to gouge or bruise pumpkins. Store in sheltered location.

Diseases and Pests
At time of planting, Cover with fabric row cover to protect from insect pests. Control cucumber beetles, Squash bugs and Vine borers with azadirachtin or pyrethrin. Control of cucumber beetles early in the season is important, as they spread bacterial with disease. Prevent disease with crop rotation and good sanitation.

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Musque De Provence

Specialty Pumpkins

Culture : Direct Seeding: Sow in late May to mid June or when soil at least 70 F/21 C and Weather settled. Seeds will rot in cool soil, especially cool, wet soil, Fungicide treatment helps prevent seed rot before germination. Sow seed 1″ deep, 2 seeds per ft., or sow in hills, 5 seeds per hill, hills 4′ apart, Space rows 3-6′ apart for bush type and 3′-8′ apart for vine types, depending on method of cultivation. Soil should be well fertilized for strong vine growth and good yields. Thin plants 18-36″ apart in the row, or 2-3 plants per hill.

Transplanting : Sow 3 seeds I 1 1/2-2″  cell-type container or pots. Thin to 1-2 plants / pot with scissors. Harden  plants 4-7 days by reducing fertilizer, water , and temperature, and moving flats outside if there is no frost danger. Transplant out after frost danger ; earlier only if plants are to be covered with floating row covers. Place about 18″ apart for bush and small fruited varieties and 24-36″ for vining and large fruited types. Take care not to disturb roots! Transplanting avoids the germination problems often associated with outdoor direct


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